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Language of Caring Blog

The Language of Caring® team shares opinions, questions, essays, links, and suggestions to spark comments and ongoing conversation about challenges related to improving the patient, family and coworker experience.   Thought-provoking insights for healthcare leaders, physicians and staff.

March 9, 2017
It Takes GUTS to be a Patient Experience Leader!
Kimberly Carson, M.Ed.
Director, Client Services & Coach, Language of Caring, LLC

Being a patient experience leader is an exciting and daunting role. You are expected to address concerns and satisfy patients and family members while at the same time effectively collaborating with staff of every variety and position, including senior leaders—all the while creating the often elusive “culture of caring”. Undeniably, this role, in its many shapes and forms, is one of the most important in healthcare, since it impacts not only the patient and family experience but also financial health, clinical outcomes, patient and staff safety, risk reduction, employee engagement, and the overall culture of the organization.

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February 20, 2017
Dear Nurse Executive: A Heart-Felt Thanks for ALL You Do
Rhonda Williams, M.S.N., M.B.A.
Vice President, Client Services & Coach, Language of Caring, LLC

Dear Nursing Executive, I want to give you warm and heart-felt thanks for all you do every day. Doing the work of Angels is not easy but without you, patients and families could not experience the care necessary to heal. The work you do goes so far beyond what is obvious to the eye. As a former Nurse Executive, I understand how much of you is required to accomplish even small bits of progress in the midst of the major challenges you face.

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February 14, 2017
Sustaining and Embracing Our Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers: Conversations We Need to Have
Jeremy R. Blanchard, M.D., MMM, CPE
Chief Medical Officer & Coach, Language of Caring, LLC

A call to action for leaders in healthcare and patient experience to develop a strategy to address how we can help physicians and APCs of different generations and levels of experience feel valued and recapture or sustain the joy of medical practice.

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January 17, 2017
“Hello, My Name is…” Spread the Campaign in 2017
Jill Golde, M.S.
Partner & SVP, Market Development, Language of Caring, LLC

“Hello, my name is…”

It takes only a few seconds to utter these words. It costs nothing. This straightforward, undemanding phrase can set the stage for a warm, personal relationship between two human beings: caregiver and patient.

And yet how often do we neglect to say them? How many of us launch into medical explanations and instructions without giving the patient the courtesy of knowing who is delivering the (often difficult or frightening) news?

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