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CG-CAHPS and H-CAHPS Surveys

CG-CAHPS and H-CAHPS Surveys Tell the Truth About the Effectiveness of Physician-Patient Communication

CG-CAHPS and H-CAHPS survey results are powerfully affected (whether for negative or positive!) by the effectiveness of communication in the doctor-patient relationship!

Check out these central communication-related items:

H-CAHPS (Hospital) Survey: Questions about Physician-Patient Communication

Section: Your Care from Doctors
(Response Options: Never, Sometimes, Usually, Always)

Section: How Well Do Doctors Communicate?
(Response Options: Never, Almost Never, Sometimes, Usually, Almost Always and Always)

Supplemental CG-CAHPS Items

The CAHPS Consortium has adopted several sets of supplemental items for the CG-CAHPS Surveys. Item sets are available to measure Shared Decision-Making and Cultural Competence of health care providers from the patient’s perspective. These items focus on communication as well. For instance, take a look at the item sets on Cultural Competence and Patient-Engagement.

CG-CAHPS Cultural Competence Item Set 

CG-CAHPS Item Set on Patient Engagement and Shared Decision-Making

The CG-CAHPS Survey now includes a Supplemental Item Set on Patient Engagement and Shared Decision-Making. Providers focused on Patient-Centered Care are opting to include these items in their surveys:

Even if you do not choose to include these items in your CG-CAHPS standard item set, these items illuminate the indicators of patient engagement and shared decision-making which, if integrated into everyday practice, will enhance the doctor-patient relationship and outcomes. While these items might remain optional, as the basic CG-CAHPS tools become required, practices with diverse patient populations are increasingly building them into their standard surveys.

CAHPS Overview

The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) program is a multi-year initiative of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to support the assessment of consumers’ experiences with health care. Standardized CAHPS patient questionnaires can be used to compare results across sponsors and over time. The many users of CAHPS survey data consider survey results in making decisions and choices that are of great consequence to hospitals, medical practices and individual physicians.

Users of CG-CAHPS and H-CAHPS Survey Data

We will help your physicians strengthen their results for these critical communication-related items!

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