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Improve patient experience and CAHPS results with Language of Caring’s compassionate communication techniques.

Language of Caring®  has established the gold standard–

Language of Caring partners with healthcare organizations across the continuum of care to create and sustain pervasive cultures of caring, by helping every individual build and apply the concrete language skills that make their compassion and caring intentional, visible and effective.  We help people find the words that build trust, ease anxiety, provide emotional support, encourage engagement and reduce suffering.  And best of all, these skills are life skills that help staff strengthen their lovingkindness and relationships in their lives outside of work.

As communication experts with extensive healthcare backgrounds, we understand the challenges you face—and the stress these challenges create. At Language of Caring, it’s not just what we do to help you achieve your goals, it’s how we do it. And, most importantly, it is our change implementation skills, our dynamic programs, and our concrete tools and resources that make caring, compassionate communication and cultures of caring achievable and sustainable.

Who is Language of Caring?

Language of Caring began as a partnership of Wendy Leebov, Jill Golde, and Dorothy Sisneros—a powerhouse trio who share a passion for reshaping healthcare organizations to become communities of caring. Their track record as healthcare leaders, organization development professionals, instructional designers, strategists, and coaches is without equal. And, they’ve enlisted and certified a talented team of physician leaders, nurse leaders, trainers, team-builders, and culture change professionals who share their passion for this work and serve as coaches, strategy partners, and facilitators with clients engaged in implementing Language of Caring programs.

As of January, 2019, Language of Caring become a branch of Planetree International.  In the Planetree team, we have found the most compatible of partners. For 40 years, Planetree has helped healthcare teams around the world to improve outcomes by engaging patients and families and connecting healthcare personnel to the meaning inherent in their work.  At Language of Caring, we are deeply proud of our work to help healthcare organizations achieve patient experience breakthroughs by improving communication and creating cultures of caring. Given this alignment of mission, culture and strategy, it has proven to be a natural fit for Language of Caring to join forces with Planetree to magnify our impact to make healthcare better for all.

With Planetree as our new home and partner, we have been able to integrate our proven communication solutions with Planetree’s organizational cultural assessment process, person-centered care team training, and the Person-Centered Care Certification Program. This combination of programs and services has enabled Language of Caring to provide even better support to organizations seeking to strengthen those elements of healthcare quality that matter most to patients, community residents, families, and staff.

The Language of Caring Advantage

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