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July 14, 2015
Mobilizing Patient and Family Advisors: Is there a missing piece?
Jill Golde, M.S.
Partner & SVP, Market Development, Language of Caring, LLC
The proven practice of engaging patient and family advisors is spreading like wildfire within hospitals, health centers, systems, medical practices, and health plans. This is great. Patient and family advisors are invaluable. They have firsthand experience and credibility. They have voices and perspectives that deserve to be heard. They have the power to influence positive change. And yet, I’m realizing that many organizations are expecting advisors to hit the ground running without optimal training.
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April 15, 2015
Prepare for Child CAHPS with a “Bowling” Approach
Jill Golde, M.S.
Partner & SVP, Market Development, Language of Caring, LLC
A large number of children’s hospitals and health plans are now using some version of CAHPS related to children’s care and services. While participation has been voluntary, many settings are involved in the extensive testing of these surveys and even more are already using them in anticipation of the day when the surveys will be required by payers (public and private), providers, and consumers for public reporting, quality management and improvement. What strikes me most when I look at the survey items is the extensive focus on communication.  Not only are there many questions that ask about communication.  There are also items that ask about something else, but would be positively influenced by improvements in communication.
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March 26, 2015
Caring Communication is Key to High Reliability Health Care
Amy Steinbinder, PhD, RN, NE-BC
VP, Nursing, Quality & Evaluation & Coach, Language of Caring, LLC
I was talking with a change coach from a hospital system and she talked about her organization’s focus on becoming a High Reliability Organization.  She is spearheading a culture change strategy focused on communicating with caring. And she wanted my thoughts on how a focus on caring communication connects with a High Reliability strategy. First of all, this struck me as a very constructive question, because it reveals that she and her organization’s leaders are intent on integrating their different initiatives---connecting the dots, so that their focus is clear and all activities support their focus---which is high reliability. How does a focus on caring communication help?
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February 24, 2015
How Choosing Our Words Carefully Can Drive Change in Health Care
Wendy Leebov, Ed.D.
Partner & Founder, Language of Caring, LLC
Those of us intent on strengthening the patient, family and co-worker experience need to heighten our self-consciousness about the words we use and intentionally choose words that move us in the direction we want.  It’s a matter of aligning our language with our health care system of the future, not the past.
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