Patient-Family Engagement |Language of Caring - Part 2
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Patient-Family Engagement

November 9, 2015
The “Problem” with Satisfied Patients
Wendy Leebov, Ed.D.
Partner & Founder, Language of Caring, LLC

I just came upon an article by the title, “The Problem with Satisfied Patients” in the April 17, 2015 Atlantic. I found this article disconcerting. Author Alexandra Robbins equates “patient satisfaction” with “patient experience.” She then makes the case that satisfaction and the patient experience have no relationship to outcomes by quoting a Missouri clinical instructor who said, “Patients can be very satisfied and dead an hour later.” Further, she states, “The concept of patient experience has mischaracterized patients as customers and nurses as automatons.”

I couldn’t agree more that “satisfaction” is not an effective driver of important improvement in healthcare. However, the patient experience is NOT about satisfaction.

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September 10, 2015
Introduce yourself! Why is it a controversial issue?
Wendy Leebov, Ed.D.
Partner & Founder, Language of Caring, LLC

Recently, I accompanied my mother to a doctor’s appointment. The Registrar interviewed my mother without looking at her. She just looked at the screen and typed. I thought of clearing my throat and saying, “Ahem! Yoo-hoo! There are PEOPLE standing in front of you.” But I held back, and instead, I asked respectfully, “Excuse me. May we know your name please?” And the Registrar replied curtly, “Why?”

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August 18, 2015
Against Medical Advice: Patient and Family Autonomy
Wendy Leebov, Ed.D.
Partner & Founder, Language of Caring, LLC

It was a very disconcerting experience….signing my mother out of the hospital “against medical advice.”

My mother is 97. She passed out at home and her caregiver noticed some drooling. We thought she might have had a stroke. The paramedics took her to the E.R. and admitted her overnight for observation. I rushed to Pittsburgh to be with her.

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April 15, 2015
Prepare for Child CAHPS with a “Bowling” Approach
Jill Golde, M.S.
Partner & SVP, Market Development, Language of Caring, LLC

A large number of children’s hospitals and health plans are now using some version of CAHPS related to children’s care and services. While participation has been voluntary, many settings are involved in the extensive testing of these surveys and even more are already using them in anticipation of the day when the surveys will be required by payers (public and private), providers, and consumers for public reporting, quality management and improvement.

What strikes me most when I look at the survey items is the extensive focus on communication.  Not only are there many questions that ask about communication.  There are also items that ask about something else, but would be positively influenced by improvements in communication.

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