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The Language of Caring Guide for Physicians: Communication Essentials for Patient-Centered Care
Concrete "how-to" guide to exceptional physician-patient communication by nationally recognized experts on healthcare communication.
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Wendy Leebov’s Essentials for Great Personal Leadership: No Nonsense Solutions with Gratifying Results
Valuable problem-solving and leadership development for health care executives, mid-level administrators, department heads, clinical leaders, and anyone who brings a passion to their work.
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Wendy Leebov’s Essentials for Great Patient Experiences: No Nonsense Solutions with Gratifying Results
Specific tools that enhance the patient experience and address the difficulties staff have in delivering the exemplary care they would like to provide.
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Physician Entrepreneurs: The Quality Patient Experience Improve outcomes, boost quality scores, and increase revenue
Built around the key areas in the CAHPS survey, this book and tool-packed CD offers quick and easy techniques that physicians and practice staff can use to enhance the patient experience—without sacrificing productivity.
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The Indispensable Health Care Manager: Success Strategies for a Changing Environment
ACHE 2003 Health Care Book of the Year! Identifies ten role shifts needed by managers who want to add significant value to their organizations and enhance their employability.
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Achieving Impressive Customer Service: 7 Strategies for the Health Care Manager
Best Seller! Seven powerful strategies critical to effective service management.
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Service Quality Improvement: The Customer Satisfaction Strategy for Health Care
A goldmine of approaches for your service excellence initiative, helping you build a service-oriented culture and focusing all employees on service excellence and continuous service improvement.
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Health Care Managers in Transition: Shifting Roles for Changing Organizations
An easy read for managers that explains critical demands of their jobs in today’s challenging, turbulent environment.
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Resolving Complaints for Professionals in Health Care
For frontline employees, shows that customer complaints are a second chance to make things right. Builds tact, compassion, creative problem-solving and follow through.
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Working Together for Professionals in Health Care: Communication Skills for Collaboration and Teamwork
How you can personally influence the quality of your relationships with others to enhance job satisfaction, customer satisfaction and workplace harmony.
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