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Language of Caring for Physicians:
The Results are Evident

Watch what clients are saying about Language of Caring for Physicians® and see results.

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center
Dr. Ronald Servi and Dr. Anna Likhacheva, Physicians
Banner Cancer Center Specialists – Radiation Oncology

PeaceHealth Medical Group
Robin Virgin, MD; Medical Director, Primary Care
Rebecca Crowe; Clinic Manager, Primary Care

Our client organizations report:

What Clients are Saying about Language of Caring for Physicians

“The Language of Caring® has already helped me improve my ability to convey empathy in my conversations with patients, clinicians, and hospital staff. It would have been nice to have this course 20 years ago when I was in residency”.

Douglas M. Cutler, M.D., FHM
Medical Director Care Coordination
Banner Health

“The Language of Caring is like having my own personal guide teaching me the ‘art’ of medicine. This has proven to be an invaluable skill set that has made my interactions with patients much more enjoyable and satisfying. It is so frustrating to feel like you are bending over backwards for your patients only to find that they still feel like you have done nothing to help them. By incorporating the simple techniques I learned in the videos, my patients and even their family members are thanking me for the care and attention I have provided them even though the amount of time I spend with them hasn’t changed. I have simply improved the quality of my interactions using the numerous verbal and nonverbal queues I have learned in order to communicate in a more effective manner. This should be made a mandatory course in every medical school curriculum.”

Dr. Thomas Corson
Emergency Physician
Banner McKee Medical Center

“It really works! Thank you for presenting your program at the ACP meeting in Boston this month. I started using one of your suggestions in my daily encounters with patients in the office and I am absolutely amazed at what a difference it makes and how easy and simple it is to put into practice.”

Daniel Vance M.D.
Internal Medicine Group
Cleveland, TN

About the Book The Language of Caring Guide for Physicians: Communication Essentials for Patient-Centered Care (Spiral-bound)

All 5-star reviews on Amazon!

Says Robin Youngson, M.D., Anesthesiologist and Co-Founder, Hearts in Healthcare “The best practical learning guide for physicians—EVER!”

When you’ve been a physician for nearly thirty years, it’s easy to get cynical about Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Be honest, when is the last time you learned something at a conference or workshop that made a really significant difference to your daily patient care? And boosted your work satisfaction? And improved your patient ratings?

“The Language of Caring – Guide for Physicians” is truly outstanding. I wish I could have read this book ten or even twenty years ago.

 In today’s world of high-pressure medicine where most physicians feel buffeted by forces completely out of their control, here is a simple and practical manual that step-by-step reconnects you to the heart of your practice: compassionate patient care and masterful communication skills.

Earn the respect and loyalty of your patients; improve clinical outcomes; discover more fulfilling work; and build more effective teamwork. These are just some of the benefits of learning the communication skills set out in this excellent book, as I can attest from my own experience.

The authors are highly qualified for the task. All the material is rigorously evidence-based. But what impressed me most was the spot-on practical advice, realistic examples of good and bad practice, the concise ‘rule of thumb’ guides, and checklists for each patient encounter. These tiny details of effective communication practice can make the world of difference to your patient care and the kind of day you have at the office.

The authors rightly present their book as an evidence-based manual for developing communication skills. But it goes deeper than that. The practices of mindfulness and empathetic communication open up a much deeper dimension of patient care. Here is where compassion, caring and healing become part of each patient encounter and these are the aspects of personal development that will sustain your practice and protect you from burnout.

This book is but one element of a comprehensive program including a web-based CME program, a personal app for mobile devices, and outstanding videos to illustrate the key teaching in each of the modules. I heartily recommend “The Language of Caring Guide” as a companion volume to TIME to CARE: How to love your patients and your job.”

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