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The Language of Caring for Physicians: Blended Learning Program

Blended learning joins the best aspects of face-to-face with web-based resources. Group meetings are used when interaction and team-building are critical. Meanwhile, online resources and tools provide program managers and physicians with anytime, anyplace access to multimedia-rich content that is integrated, accessible across sites and systems, and customizable.

Web-Based Skill-Builder Modules

These eight skill-building modules build the communication competencies key to patient and family-centered care and engagement:

  1. The Communication Solution
  2. Mindful Practice
  3. Collaboration and Teamwork
  4. Effective Openings and Closings
  5. Engaging Patients and Families as Partners
  6. Communicating with Empathy
  7. Effective Explanations
  8. Hard Conversations

Language of Caring’s Blended Learning Approach includes:

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