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Language of Caring Webinar Series

Each patient experience webinar will focus and enrich your team with cutting-edge information and proven tools they can use to achieve and strengthen patient-centered care, the patient and family experience, employee engagement, nurse communication, the doctor-patient relationship, leadership, accountability, change management, and much more…

Upcoming Free Webinars:

Consumer Trends in an Age of Empowerment
September 12th, 2019, 2-3 PM EST

Presented by:
Susan B. Frampton, PhD
President, Planetree International

The patient and family engagement movement has empowered individuals as captains of their own healthcare teams. Patients, in turn, are looking to their healthcare providers to accommodate their preferences and address their demands for greater cost transparency, convenience and access.

This program challenges attendees to consider whether their healthcare organization is poised to meet these needs of increasingly informed and engaged consumers. The session explores the challenges inherent in transitioning from a business to business model to a consumer model of delivering healthcare.

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Introduction to Language of Caring®
September 24th, 2019, 2-2:45 PM EST

Presented by:
Jill Golde
Senior Vice President, Language of Caring

Driven by a passionate commitment to improve healthcare, Language of Caring helps organizations create consistently caring and empathic experiences for patients, families, and coworkers. This webinar will share the ways we partner with organizations to help build a culture of caring and engage staff and physicians in communicating with empathy in all interactions.

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