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Achieving an unparalleled patient experience
and a culture of caring through exceptional communication.

In our field, compassionate communication is critical. Compassionate communication builds patient confidence, comforts families, eases patient and family anxiety, and inspires coworkers. Compassionate communication enhances patient outcomes, CAHPS scores, employee engagement, patient safety, market share, and the organization’s financial health. In short, effective, caring communication by everyone on the healthcare team is critical to mission fulfillment and the long-term success of your organization.

At Language of Caring®, Wendy Leebov, Dorothy Sisneros, Jill Golde, and our expert coaches help healthcare organizations transform themselves into cultures of caring. We deliver dynamic, engaging and proven programs. Our programs positively impact the ability of your healthcare staff to make caring visible. We are dedicated to helping everyone on your team to passionately—and compassionately—express empathy, to personalize their connection with people, to reduce patient and family anxiety, and earn people’s trust, engagement, confidence, and partnership.

We improve the patient experience by helping you develop healthcare teams that speak the Language of Caring. We help you create consistent healing experiences in which dedicated, capable people deal effectively not only with patients’ medical needs, but also with their anxieties, fears, and concerns. We partner with you to ensure a best-fit approach that makes your priorities our priorities, that inspires contagious energy and engagement, that produces skill mastery and consistent skill use, all while respecting people’s significant time constraints. Our solutions are do-able, sustainable, and cost-effective.

We engage hearts and minds, and the results are palpable. Our industry leading strategies, programs, and services advance the Language of Caring by effectively engaging physicians, nurses, and everyone on the healthcare team in mastering and using the concrete communication skills key to:

“The Language of Caring does not tell you what to say – it helps support how you say it. The Language of Caring brings your words to life.”

Beth Vanderscheuren
Manager, Office of Patient & Family Experience
Suburban Hospital – Johns Hopkins Medicine

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